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Soldotna Police Department Achieves Law Enforcement Accreditation

Post Date:12/07/2018 4:18 PM

The Oregon Accreditation Alliance (OAA) announced that the Soldotna Police Department has met all the requirements of law enforcement accreditation and was recently awarded their first award of accredited status. 


The Alaska Association Chiefs of Police, in 2014, asked the Oregon Accreditation Alliance if they would consider offering law enforcement and 911 accreditation services to Alaska agencies.  The OAA Board of Directors approved and authorized the action.   There are currently two Alaska law enforcement agencies involved with the Oregon Accreditation Alliance; the Juneau Police Department and the Soldotna Police Department.  The Soldotna Police Department is the first Alaska law enforcement agency to achieve law enforcement accreditation through the Oregon Accreditation Alliance.  There are currently sixty-five agencies involved with the OAA with forty-four currently holding accredited status. 


Accreditation means that an agency, their operations, management, policies and procedures meet the best practices the industry has to offer.  The accreditation process in general is a progressive and contemporary way of helping law enforcement agencies evaluate and improve their overall performance and provides formal and professional recognition that an organization meets or exceeds best practice expectations of service and quality in the profession.


In order to be accredited, a law enforcement agency must meet 104 professional standards comprised of over 400 separate requirements contained within those standards.  The accreditation process requires a self-assessment period where the agency works towards compiling proofs of compliance that they meet the standards of accreditation.  A trained assessor then reviews every file relating to the standards to verify compliance and visits the agency for a physical inspection and review.  Once this is completed, the assessor writes a comprehensive report that is reviewed and approved by the Oregon Accreditation Board of Directors and the agency is awarded accredited status.  The agency then must undergo a full review every three years to maintain accredited status.  It is a rigorous and challenging process for an agency to undertake and maintain.


Anytime the Chief Executive Officer of an organization invites an outside third party into their department to review and inspect everything associated with their operations and render an opinion as to whether they meet a set of best practice standards for that profession that by itself shows commitment, transparency and a dedication to excellence and professionalism.


The Oregon Accreditation Alliance, through its Board of Directors, congratulates Chief Peter Mlynarik and the Soldotna Police Department on achieving law enforcement accredited status and joining a small but select group of law enforcement agencies nationwide who have shown a commitment to excellence and professionalism through accreditation.

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