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Martial Arts - Youth

Martial Arts – Youth

This class will instruct children in the traditional Japanese based martial arts. Students will learn punching, kicking and blocking techniques as well as how to perform kata (choreographed martial art combinations).  This class will help develop     physical strength, flexibility, and mental awareness. It will also teach the history and philosophy of Japanese martial arts as well as a basic understanding of the Japanese vocabulary associated with the martial arts.  In this class you will train hard, learn respect and most of all have fun. 

Instructor: Sensei Mike Salzetti & Maria Salzetti

Location: Soldotna Prep School 426 W. Redoubt, Soldotna

Fee: $50

Dates: September 26th to December 5th

10 classes

No class November 21st

Days: Tuesdays

Time: 6:30-7:15 PM

Ages: 1st grade to 6th grade


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