1. Can all-terrain vehicles / off-road vehicles be operated inside City limits?

Outside City limits, the State of Alaska regulates off road vehicles under section 13 AAC 02.455 of Alaska State Statutes.  This section of code allows for an off-road vehicle (ORV) to be driven on a roadway or shoulder under very specific circumstances.  For example, the State allows for ORVs to make a direct crossing of a highway when it is safe to do so.  They allow for the crossing of bridges along the right-hand edge, and only when it is safe and doesn’t interfere with other traffic.  The State also allows ORVs “when driven on the right-of-way of a highway which is not a controlled-access highway, outside the roadway or should, and no closer than three feet from the nearest edge of the roadway.” If driving at night, ORVs must be driven on the right-hand side of the highway and in the same direction as traffic in the nearest lane.

The City of Soldotna currently regulates off-road vehicles under section 10.05 of Soldotna Municipal Code.  Generally speaking, the use of ORVs within the City is not permitted except under specific circumstances.

ORVs may be operated on private or public property, but the operator:

  • Must have express consent of the owner;
  • May not disturb the peace and quiet of another;
  • May not cause damage to improved property or destroy terrain;
  • May not operate on any highway or roadway shoulder and any highway or roadway right-of-way (except to make a direct crossing).
The City of Soldotna also has requirements related to the age of the operator, the use of helmets, speed limits and parental responsibility. Click here to view the Soldotna Municipal Code regulations.

2. Can farm animals be kept inside City limits?

Title 6 of the Soldotna Municipal Code contains City ordinances related to animal control, and is administered through our Animal Control Department.

Zoning regulations for farm animals are contained in section 17.10.365 of the Municipal Code, which allows the keeping of farm animals in the Commercial, Limited Commercial, and Institutional zoning districts, and in the Rural Residential zoning district on parcels of 1 ½ acres in size or greater. Click here to view a map (PDF) showing the areas within the City that cows, horses, mules, sheep, goats, swine or other animal commonly kept as livestock may be kept.

3. Will the Soldotna Police Department respond to calls outside the City's borders?

The City of Soldotna does not currently have an agreement with the State Troopers to provide assistance outside the City limits. City police may provide assistance if there is a need, but the City is not legally compelled to do so.

4. What is the City's policy on the discharge of firearms within City limits?

According to SMC 9.05, it is unlawful to discharge any firearm within the City except on an established shooting range where a permit for use of firearms has been issued.

5. What are City requirements for connecting to water utilities?

New construction inside City limits is required to connect to City water utilities if the water system is within 300 feet of the property. For existing uses/structures, there is no requirement to abandon existing wells within any given time frame. However, no new/replacement wells will be allowed when the public water mains are within 300 feet of the property. (Per Soldotna Municipal Code 13.16.150)

More information will be added to this section regularly.