YA Café
Every Wednesday at 4pm. Snacks provided.  YA programs are for middle-school and high-school students.
8/2               Teen Summer Reading Party: Cupcake Decorating!
8/9               YA Movie starting at 3:00PM
8/16             PS4 and Board Games
8/23             Teen Lego® Brick Competition
8/30             Post-it Art
9/6               Watercolor Painting
9/13             Blackout Poetry
9/20             Autumn Craft\
9/27             Writing Club

Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Tuesday, September 19
All around the world, people celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day every September 19. ITLAPD encourages people to babble like buccaneers for the sheer fun of it! Mango Languages even offers a free course in Pirate! Visit our website to learn more about Mango Languages. 

Community Focus Groups
Tuesday, September 19 at 12pm or 6pm
Our library is creating a Strategic Plan to help us better serve our community. Please attend if you’re interested in talking about what makes our community great, what needs are not being met, and how we can improve our community. Light refreshments will be served.

Hobbit Day!
Friday, September 22 at 4:00pm
Join us for Frodo and Bilbo Baggins’ birthday! We will be celebrating with some fun hobbit activities! 

Teen Advisory Group
Friday, September 29 at 3:30pm
Are you between 13 and 18 years old? Are you interested in serving your community and peers? Do you like snacks?? Join our Teen Advisory Group! 

Human Mario Kart: Balloon Battle Edition!
Friday, September 29 at 5:30pm
Goal: Be the last person standing. Try to pop everyone else’s balloons while protecting your own! Must be at the library before the doors close. Meeting time is 5:30, so make sure you are on time! This program is for middle and high school students.

Teen Study Groups
Every Thursday from 3:00pm-6:00pm in Conference Room A
Need a quiet place to study? Unsure of a specific subject? Come to the library to study with your peers and help each other succeed. Stop by the library’s front desk before you enter the room.